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Silverback Gorilla 2

by Sheek Louch

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Representing the concrete jungle of Yonkers, NY, Sheek Louch (1/3 of the legendary LOX aka "Donnie G") teams up with Tommy Boy to release, “Silverback Gorilla 2”, due out this December!


released December 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Sheek Louch Yonkers, New York

Sheek Louch (1/3 of the LOX) has been a significant presence in the rap game for decades. A platinum selling artist with prior releases on Bad Boy and Ruff Ryders, the LOX went on to found D-Block Records. Sheek is now set to release his new album, "Silverback Gorilla 2", this December on Tommy Boy Ent., a follow up to his successful 2008 release, "Silverback Gorilla". ... more


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Track Name: Bunndy
Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
Started making green when I was sixteen
Grown man shit cuz Daddy was a coke fiend
Me and my Momma, strugglin’ through the drama
Baggin’ up crack I remember my first llama
Nickel plate nine I remember my first crime
Clapped at a nigga, he dropped (oh)
I ran up on him grabbed the bag and met with niggas down the block
Face no expression, I’m filled with all this aggression
Young on the roof I’m cloud testin’ the Westin
Then it came time when I cared how I was dressin’
Mark tried to get me to the Mosque for a lesson
I was Helly Hansen the black vance and the ups
To acquire all that, it take a couple a bucks
And I ain’t have the money to move a couple of ducks (Haha)
So I put the mask on and I robbed a couple a fucks (You know what this is)
Its like god sent music to me, no he sent it to my momma through the speakers (Hah)
Then he spoke through Aretha
Curtis May playin’, I’m tryna imitate what they sayin’
Mom told me go to my room (Go to your room)
No microphone, performing everything with a broom (haha)
I was meant to be a star, I was born to pop bottles drive cars
And smoke everything in this cigar
Me and my niggas are so thorough
You heard about Mary Jay Blige but never heard of the borough (YO)
We celebrate life like its new years (Hah)
We makin’ those pop like they root beers
We lost niggas, we call those crew tears
You in my dreams, but those nightmares
Ruger thoughts, no Kruger thoughts, now a nigga ball like Jordan shorts
Don Don, alumni
Hashtag smoke something, get high
Hashtag smoke something, get high
Track Name: Hood Ni**a (feat. Billy Danze, Trae Tha Truth, Joell Ortiz)
(You ain’t no hood nigga) x8
(You ain’t no hood nigga) x8

Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
You understood nigga, you ain’t no hood nigga
Barbecue chips and a butter roll is good nigga
Let me see you roll one, where you get that Dutch from?
When you had your last fight? Were you buy that Shop Rite?
Cus you ain’t come in this store, nigga with your glass jaw
Why you think you hardcore, you don’t want this four-four
Pointed at your mug
Cus I’m wetted off a drug, and the Molly got me bug
And your chain is lookin’ love (Hah)
You ain’t no hood Nigga, What’s good nigga?
Chicken wings and fried rice is good Nigga
I ain’t turn bougie, I be in the hood
Drinkin’ liqour in my Gucci, real nigga’s salute me


Verse 2 (Joell Ortiz)
Bubblegum rapper fronts, manhunt, that’s my car
To gold fronts and the manhunt from clapping that bar
You ain’t no hood nigga, you don’t believe that
Man tap the bottom of this brown, now where that weed at?
I bring the fiends back with that hard white lampin’ on a crate
On the block but the rocks and a magnet on the gate
Never catch me slippin, I’m in slippers but whatever
The Berretta’s in the store, I go to war in Chanclettas
I’m a hood Nigga, I gave him house work
Yeah you ain’t never come outside
And when you did you took the outskirts (er)
You let me ride your bike I had it the whole night
And your mom forced you to fight

Verse 3 (Billy Danze)
You ain’t a hood Nigga, you scared to leave your section
Relying on the police for protection
I don’t know your kind of Hood Nigga
You got your face all mean, rockin’ the girly boy top
Matching your spandex jeans
Its either good dude or gorilla
There’s nothing in between in my hood nigga
Everything is what it seems
If your realest beef is on Twitter its fit for a queen
Don’t come outside where these killas
Get ripped at the seams
You ain’t a hood Nigga
I bet ya, you curl up on the couch
While watching the lifetime network while twerking it out
Its like your chromosomes been rattled
When (hood Nigga’s) battle we get loose
And I ain’t talking bout in the booth

Verse 4 (Trae Tha Truth)
Yeah, You ain’t no hood Nigga, where your stripes at?
Where your block bitch, you ain’t built like that
You ain’t got no hood pass, where you play your nights at?
Say you keep that tooley on you, nigga where ya pipes at?
Niggas doing time, bitches they don’t get no kites back
Niggas tryna look at some pussy, where your nikes at
Pork and beans and wieners, ramen noodles and a chopper hoe
8 nigga’s, one room, re-up in the locker hoe
Hoping we don’t fuck it up, city dry, blocks dead
Everybody talkin’, you the main reason the blocks scared
You ain’t the gangsta type, nigga you just gangsta type
All across the internet, nigga that ain’t gangsta like

Track Name: What You Want the Money For (feat. Swizz Beatz)
Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
Still money in that Louie duffle
Range rovers and foreign cars I had a couple
Always beefin’ on the block my nigga’s had to scuffle
Then them guns came and lawyer troubles
Shoot at me I clap back
Nigga all I do is trap
I don’t care if she pretty I go give that bitch a dirt nap
And I got them bottles popped, every time I’m in the spot
Nah I don’t pillow talk, you can suck my dick or not
Feeling like a ghetto boy, Scarface Willy D, I’m a ghetto boy
Yankee hat, white tee, and my medal boy
Whip it, microwave and let it settle boy
There bodies where Nigga’s fishin’, they say that I’m on a mission
You see that them diamonds glisten, the God in good position to kill you
I asked around they say the hood they don’t feel you
Stop frontin’ my nigga

Hook (Swizz Beatz)
250 riding on the dash, a whole bunch of money in the stash
Now everybody wanna get this cash
Now everybody wanna get some ass
(Tell me what you really want the money for) [x3]
What you gonna do when you got it, when you got it got it

Verse 2 (Swizz Beatz)
I’m on i95 with a bundle in the stash
Shorty next to me got a bundle for a ass
My i8, looking great, night I ate
Glock 9 on me, got damn don’t hate
These niggas really talkin’ bout what the want the money for
Sheek Louch, Swizz Beatz get the get the money for
Man the Empire State, top floor penthouse, boy eatin’ great
Some sushi and some lobster for the homie hoes
Nigga’s came back can’t hold me though
Them Double R boys D-Block though
We running through your block, we wild though


Verse 3 (Sheek Louch)
I gotta grind on the bottom until I make it up top
Soon as I walk in the club them bottles comin’ non-stop
You know them diamonds is bright
And these haters can’t stand it, but Imma keep on ballin’
Until we say got damn it (Oh)
Tell me what you really want the money for
If you sue me all my goons gon’ be at your door
D-Block, nigga’s know that we get busy
Sheek Louch, rockin’ with my nigga Swizzy

Track Name: I'm Working (feat. Raheem DeVaughn)
Dayzel bring that in God

They say real talk right?

Smoking out the window looking at this place
Young baggin’ up rocks, pocket full of base,
I don’t mean to be disgraceful
I’m sorry black man, but the Porsche is looking tasteful (5 for 20)
I mean mom know where it’s from, but I could tell that she grateful
Shit if you get money nigga, ain’t no time to be hateful
Let em hate though fuck it (Yo)

The car look like it’s a parachute on it
Bitch look Egyptian, I can tell that you want it
Step your game up, if you don’t wear jewels step your dame up
Get money nigga
Only good weed, step your flame up (haha)
I’m so high right now (ya)
Every hood bitch in here look fly right now
Pass the rolls, give the mollys to these bitches
Shades on, can’t see my eyes in pictures
The scriptures read I’m a Don,
I was built for the long run, a marathon,
In the words of Farrakhan, I can’t take it with me
That’s cool but Imma leave my son a couple mill before I’m fifty
(I gotchu Junior), I have fun with that guap
Get off your block, and get off my cock nigga
Lets go

Hook (Raheem DeVaughn)
My Nigga I’m workin, I’m grindin’
Hustlin’, moving, and shaking and learning and earning and taking and making and breaking
Well I’ve been stepping my game up
So my nigga I’m workin’, I’m grindin’
Killin’ my haters on site
Earnin’ mine day and night, I’m so ambitious
My Nigga I’m workin’
Track Name: Bang Bang (feat. Pusha T)
That's the sound of the gunner spittin’ down the lane
That's the sound of the gunner spittin’ down the lane
That's the sound of the gunner spittin’ down the lane
Let's take it to the streets now

Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
You hear my Ruger it go (Bang bang)
Forty cal hallows going through you like (Bang bang)
Riding in my whip I got the safety on my (Bang bang)
Police gon' have to chase me like (Bang bang)
Hit the club, spend a couple racks (Bang bang)
Take 'em home, fuck a couple rats (Bang bang)
Dice game twenty thousand on the ground (Bang bang)
Anybody make a move, I swear to god (It's going down)
We smoking loud like (Bang bang)
I'm tryna see what's popping, yo (Bang bang)
Fifty thousand on my Rollie, hoe (Bang bang)
Rose gold on the Automo (Yeah)
Make it back, I do another show
Nigga, what you know about the LOX
D-Block on every block
Hold it up and let them hammers go (Bang bang)
Play around I swear to God it's (Going down)

My gun is my life and my sacred weapon [x7]
Going down

Verse 2 (Pusha T)
Me, Katia and Nadia (Bang bang)
My nine millimeter mafia (Bang bang)
You ain't knowing a nigga speak Russian? (Bang bang)
I'm bilingual when these hoes bustin' (Bang bang)
My nigga forty with a toot happen (Bang bang)
No nose bone from his toot habit (Bang bang)
Whole hood call him mood ring (It's going down)
Coke habits turn 'em savage, on a mood swing (Bang bang)
Benz truck with the Poltergeist (Bang bang)
Shit parks itself in my less sober nights (Bang bang)
With TVs for my godchildren (Bang bang)
Watching Devil's Advocate, now they god fearing (Woo)
It's King Push with the Sheek Louch
That's cocaine royalty with deep roots (Bang bang)
It's King Push with the Sheek Louch (It's going down)
Cocaine royalty with deep roots

Track Name: Skit
Ay yo come here, fuck over here, ay yo this nigga fuckin’ pull up on this block, waving his gun at nigga’s actin’ like he gon’ do something and you don’t shoot this nigga? Huh? I don’t give a fuck who he cool with, I don’t give a fuck who we know over here. The next time he show is motherfucking face you hold that shit straight and you shoot nigga, you hear me?
Track Name: Hold It Straight
I mean yea, some nigga’s just want that murder shit
Point blank

You ain’t seein’ my face, or what’s on my waiste,
I just woke up on em and bang em.
All you gonna see is fire, then you gon’ hear the tires.
Imma lay his ass out as soon as you name him.

How you do it?
Hold it straight. Now let the hammer go [x4]

You can hear them things drummin’, its like the phone bill,
You don’t pay it so all them bullets is all incoming.
Trust me ock, my little niggas wet up the block.
Cook on the stove, sell yay like they Hov.
Law and order, body out in Bora Bora.
Two shots take the door off your Ford Explorer
Hollow heads, stash house, futon bed, smokin’ kush to the head.
I’m strong as a bear and I ain’t talkin’ bout Ted
Pull a mask down then I’m upside your head.
Ungodly thoughts, settle things right in the street.
This Nigga, I don’t go to court.

Track Name: Obamacare (feat. Dyce Payne)
(And you say New York City)

Verse 1
Giving out money like a charity.
Fuck diamonds, loyalty got more clarity.
Even though I’m icy, fly with it.
Valet parking a peach Birkin bag holdin’ my Larkin.
Is it me ah, they wonderin’, is he a lock
The way I’m dressed, Louie sneakers don’t belong on the block.
Peace ock, Rollex written on the face of my clock.
Pretty bitches always sittin’ on the face of my cock.
Playin madden on a baby iMax.
Smokin’, drinkin’ liquor nigga, tryna relax.
Money come and go but life got one shot.
So live yours nigga, stop bitchin’ what you ain’t got.

From hardwork and suffering
From hustlin’ and strugglin’
From comin’ up from nothin’
I made it into something
Being young in the projects, trying to make progress, couldn’t find my way out
Couple bullets with no names on it, got my homies laid out

Verse 1
(Yo) face frowned up but not cus I’m ice grillin’,
Spillin’ tequila shots, white linen party on yachts
I was young though, nappy head nose with the snots
Kinda smart, always knew how to connect the dots
Not sayin that my shit don’t stink, I just been through a lot.
So I don’t give a fuck what you think.
Conan destroyer looking in the gym.
See a bunch of bottles on the table, yeah God it’s definitely them.
Forty five in the car, I don’t mean to be troublesome.
You think I’m chewing bubblegum but look it’s the gym star.
I made money, bought a house, had kids, made her my wife.
I’m definitely living my life.

Track Name: Trap Stories
I’m wandering free
Just living in a dream
Everyday that goes by
It’s the same old thing

I mean, you was either getting money or you wasn’t nigga
For my niggas that been out of town man, to my niggas locked up doing what they had to do

Verse 1
Cocaine price, down south niggas with mouth full of ice
Risking my life.
Fishscale beams, cokeboy dreams, out of town niggas tryna organize a team
Hiding all my money, hiding where I live
Vest if I get shot I’m hoping that I live
New face out here, tryna blend in
But I don’t wanna shine so I’m watching what I spend.
Even switch my ID, insurance and registration legal on the v
I’m so low key
Bitches want me to fuck em bad but I chill cuzs
I don’t want their baby daddies getting mad (uh)

Hook 2
My life has changed
Such a sunset on my new day
Over the horizon I know once in my life
That the only way

Starting to show growth, moving work with ease.
Pounds of that kush, halfs and quarter keys.
Pills like GNC, vitamin shop.
Everybody, white boys is comin’ to cop.
My little shooter that I brought from up top?
He stay packin’, but had a kid buy some chick out here now he slackin’
They caught my lil nigga comin’ out of the diner
Hit him up twice and his wig, but let that bitch live.
Now he sittin’ on my nigga’s sofa playin’ X Box
Getting high while his stupid bitch cut up his rocks
My emotions tellin’ me to go now so I load the 4 pound
But my old head told me to slow down (Damn)

I’m wandering free
Just living in a dream
Everyday that goes by
It’s the same old thing

Fuck these niggas man
Next week I get a call for a brick but I’m hearing that they crooked
And my lil homies life, I’m hearing that they took it.
They try and get the God because my money is long
I killed this town, I’m a pop this nigga and be gone.
Tell him meet me at the hotel on South and Atlantic
Next to Subways across from Bill the mechanic.
I get out the car I hand him some shit
He hand me some money, I count it real quick.
Now I’m ready to flip.
I ask the nigga, do he know Felicia.
He said naw, but he don’t know I had that bitch duct taped in the car
I pull out the thing, he started to run
I hit him once in his shoulder, he fell down then I stood right over
Looking at him eye to eye, fuck you and fuck these niggas in this town
Bitch nigga goodbye

Hook 2

Hook [x2]
Track Name: What's On Your Mind (feat. Jadakiss & A$AP Ferg)
Tell me what is on your mind [x4]
I don’t know what they… I don’t know what’s on their mind.
I know what I’m thinking about.

Verse 1 [Sheek Louch]
Yea, I be thinking bout my money, yea bout my wealth.
I be drinkin you be thinkin’ I don’t care about my health
But I’m lightin’ and I’m smoking.
I got like 50 on my wrist and I ain’t jokin’
Shooters on deck, and they ready
Mack 11, 9 millie, automatie and we pull up in them cars
And we skirtin
Try to act like she don’t notice it’s working
Don Don, Bitch. It ain’t hard to tell
I’m tryna upgrade you, put you in Chanel
Or we can hit the hood and hit the local hotel
And hit it from behind until that pussy swell
Well, woo, more Dutches
More yack, more weed, more dutches.
We hold each other up like crutches.
D- Block you know them nigga’s can’t touch us
What’s on your mind.


Verse 2 (A$AP Ferg)
She a bad motherfucker, that’s why they gotta love her
She always catch a CJ everytime that I fuck her.
And it’s straight to the hole like I’m ballin’ in the Rucker.
Marty tryna peak, who that, that my brother
Sipping on the Henny got me up, so horny
Imma fuck her till the sun up
Aw, put the ding a ling all up in her tummy
I’m a fuck her till she change my life
I’m the realest you can put it on my life
She gon’ make me disappear yea she did it to the Sprite
She ain’t never have a nigga like me ever in her life
That’s why she on the wood like a fucking parasite
Oo, I love it when she lick me, don’t leave a hicky
My girl from the fuckin Bay, I love it when that wrist go


Verse 3 (Sheek Louch)
It ain’t nothing but a word
Gun cocked for my nigga Ferg
A$AP fuck what a nigga heard
And we don’t miss, we just plead the 5th in any court room ain’t that right Kiss?

Guilty till I’m innocent
Came straight from the bottom of the tenements
I don’t leave the block dog till I finish it
I don’t fuck with it if I can’t benefit
Account read and got good penmanship
If I started out with it imma end with it
Imma figure out a way to try to blend with it
Shit yall just now doin, we been did it
I ain’t talkin’ to ball players or rap niggas
I’m thinkin a little further then that Nigga
From brick movers to pack niggas, fuck rap nigga
Now tell me (what’s on your mind)*3
Track Name: What It Is (feat. Styles P)
Hook 1
What it is my nigga
Where that liquor, where that kush, light something, lets get biz my nigga
What it is my nigga,
You fucked up hold this, Got beef, where he live my nigga
What it is my nigga
I share my nigga, you want mines then here my nigga
What it is [x2]

Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
5 in the mornin’, still poppin’ bottles
After hit the diner, surrounded by models, (come here baby)
Eyes half shut, I’m looking at these niggas like what?
You want something then get the fuck up
I know I’m on camera, but they ain’t got no cameras outside
Think they got me cus my hammers in the ride
Wrong, Imma light it like the 4th of July
But I’m mad cus my revolver it only hold five
Think I’m a victim than you wrong boy
I’m really living every thing that’s in my song boy
Investigate me, the kind of money I’m getting lately
I been a thug, I never been shaky

Hook 2
What it is my nigga
In case I die, just take care of the kids my nigga
What it is my nigga
We warrior niggas notorious like BIG my nigga
What it is my nigga
You ride, I ride til the day we die you dig my nigga
What it is [x2]

Verse 2 (Styles P)
Hustle on the regular, invisible
In the jungle like the predator
Yeah it was written, but I coulda been the editor
Yeah I’m a Jedi and the fiercest competitor
Hyde that bring Jekyll out
My niggas give me the call
Right there, real quick, show you what I’m built from
Show you what I build with
Like homie from taking a shit that I’m skilled with
Niggas will kill you on some fuckboy thrill shit
What it is my Nigga, you chillin’, I’m chillin’
Just like Milk and Giz my nigga
Give me the word
I run up in the crib my nigga, yell D-Block
And hit him in the wig my nigga

Hook 1
Track Name: I Luv It (feat. Ghostface Killah)
Intro (Sheek Louch)
Ayo light it up Nigga, where that liquor at
They say you should be thankful for what you got
I said you should be thankful for what I’m not
If this was back then Sheek, niggas is getting shot (D-Block)
Running through these streets like I’m homeless
Single parent my Momma couldn’t condone this
I was broke but I felt like I should own this

Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
Young Nigga, thoughts of getting paid
I was around bad bitches, thoughts of getting laid
Sealed indictments came, houses getting’ raid
Niggas straight snitchin’ the coke was getting weighed
Lookin’ at the Astin my little nigga’s is blastin’
Imagine not eating for a month like we fastin’
But Allahuibar from a cop car
Hopin’ they don’t shoot this popular rap star

Shootin’ but love to scuffle
Money in a Louie duffle
Range rover bought a couple
Hater you don’t like me fuck you
Love when I be actin’ up
Hammer out back em up
Bring his chain on block, my nigga’s be crackin’ up
Yea I’m on that bullshit, 38 revolver hoe
Smoke weed, drink, pop percs like they Tylenol
Getting money since a kid
Before I signed a record deal
Puff seen it in my eyes, LOX nigga’s real for real
Battled everybody, stood outside with a shottie in the bushes
Knew the dope fiends, the addicts and the pushers
10 years in the game, 10 years with the same
D-Block, LOX, a household name nigga

I ain’t have a near pot to piss in
But a little nigga listen so I figure I’d be getting some dough
I grew up on the block cocaine rocks, dope and weed spots
Them shootin’ nigga’s lettin’ it go
But I love it, I always say that I’ll rise up above it
But the streets keep pullin’ me in
You can’t be mad at me for tryin’ to win
Fuck it I love it

Verse 2 (Ghostface Killah)
Running all these red lights
Auntie in the crib half sleep
With a hundred bricks stuffed under her bed right
Nephew never been the same since he held his first pack
Put in little nigga hands
Showed him how to work that
Eatin’ shrimp scampi with scallions and medallions on
Two was holding dinner plates, sculptures with them lions on em
Bracelets, all my shooters in Asics
Blunt wraps, with hammers in they holsters, wasted

Political killers with digital peelers to my bros
Butt naked in the box, no daylight fearless
Made the board soon as he put that appeal in
Got denied record longer than the mess hall ceiling
Outdoors still squirtin’ in a mouth of whores
BMF credit dirty lawyers still vouchin’ for us
Safe deposit boxes, sharp oxes
Murder you, have your dick hanging out your boxers

Track Name: No Losses (feat. Fabolous & Whispers)
You in the presence of a street nigga
I’m just tryna keep my plate full
Hammer on my hip you wanna play fool
Know I gotta keep figures
I’ve been wildin’ out since grade school
Stay out on that corner where that weight move
I ain’t takin’ losses here from nobody
Fly nigga I’ve been bossin’ since my nose snotty
I ain’t takin’ losses here from nobody
Yea I came up out the ghetto as a nobody

Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
Ayo, where they takin’ losses at I ain’t from that town
Silverback Gorilla Yonkers nigga back em down
Clap at your block, leave, then come back around
Started with grams, look at me now
Famous as a motherfucker
My career is lit and my Dutch is lit, about to get into some shit
You see them foreign cars pull up then you know it’s us
My nigga’s got their orange on getting off the bus
20,000 on his commissary
Doing time but his murder was involuntary
Lil hustlin’ nigga with his dreams of getting bigger
Then I started rapping bitch…


Verse 2 (Fabolous)
I came out of the mud brush the dirt off
I be ridin’ no top with my shirt off
Always been a cool nigga, piss the nerds off
Bergdorf looking like I knock birds off
Yea, baby everything is for sale
They gotta feel what I’m sayin’ like everything is in brail
You will point us out, use everything finger to tell
Go and talk to the cops, do heavy singing Adele
So we don’t fuck with you niggas and ain’t exchanging no numbers
Cus I don’t talk to frauds and I hate changing my number
We ain’t takin’ no losses, like we undefeated nigga
You can overstand that I’ll be undefeated my nigga

Track Name: Clap (feat. Dyce Payne)
Hook (Dyce Payne)
I heard you from the projects, but that don’t even matter though
That ass make a nigga sweat, and I ain’t even mad at you
All your girls as bad as you, throw a couple bands if they clap like you
Clap clap like you
Clap clap like you
Throw a couple bands if they clap like you

Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
I love a hood rat chick, a project chick
Getting money, any race, a ass that’s thick
I love em working, stay at home bottle service girl
I love them strippin’, work the pole and rock my world
But I don’t trust em, however u makin’ it, I don’t judge em
I could fuck with you longtime, but I ain’t gonna love em
I don’t care where you from, ghetto or not
I’m just sayin’ that you hot, if I got a shot to make it clap clap
I see you lovin’ my rap, I don’t care about your ex cuz I got my strap
Couple bands a couple bottles I’m here with my crew
I ain’t tryna hold u up baby, go do what u do


Verse 2 (Sheek Louch)
Brown bag for the verse, bought the Chanel purse
But now I’m hot and all this touring is making it worse
I remember them days I had to wait for the first
Getting money, watch my back or be in a hearse
But now I pull on the block and only thing that I rock
Is VS clearer the chain hang down to my cock
So I know how it go, when they call you a hoe
But you a virgin to me if I ain’t hit it before
So what’s good lil mamma, I ain’t here for the drama
Imma spend the night and see it wiggle in your pajamas
Don Don, Lou Albano rubber bands on both hands
Being broke ain’t in the plans, lets go Dyce

I heard you from the projects, but that don’t even matter though
That ass make a nigger swag, and I ain’t even mad atchu
No other girls as fly as you, throw a couple bands if they clap like you
(Clap clap like you, clap, clap like you)*3 Throw a couple bands
(Clap, and I ain’t even mad atchu)*4
Track Name: Legends
Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
Beg and borrow for your life God
Kissing they ass you hoeing for your life God
Money got low you bout to sell your ice God
Music industry treadin’ water
Was on top now you barely can feed your daughter
Law and order, album sales out the rectum
So next time what they offer you is disrespectful
Even though you hotter than the past summers
Its too bad all the labels see is big numbers
Wifi vision on the game yo
In the hood they got vision on your chain bro
Is she on your dick still?
Or is she duckin’ your calls with Taequan in the mall
Laughin’ at your instagram pic
Getting’ high sucking his dick
In his whip playin’ your shit
Reality is brutal
You ain’t saved a dime cuz u ain’t used your noodle
You back in the hood now
I could find you and I ain’t have to Google

Is you legendary first class of secondary
Is you executive level or are you secretary
Is the hatin’ on them young boys necessary?
If you a G let it be that
You know they watchin’ let them little niggas see that
If you a G let it be that
You know they watchin’ let them little niggas see that
You know they watchin’ let them little niggas see that God

Hook 2 (Sheek Louch)
It’s like you fresh out the penitentary
Everything changed, bottles ain’t complimentary
Where them songs on the radio at?
Why them DJ’s ain’t calling you back?
He was a mixtape, how he got it like that?
Now you mad at the younger Gods
The new talent emerge
You feel it’s nothing that they put in their words
But so what? Is Jordan mad at Kobe? Is Kobe mad at Bron?
That’s life you pass the baton
But read the Quran, embrace it and bond
Take em to a level you on and then you’ll be considered a don
But this ain’t about me, this a song about the OG bredrins
Thats considered as legends

Track Name: You And Me
You and Me [x3]
You and Me [x3]

On the couch to the bed, getting head bust it open girl
You hot to death, I’m a G, we gon’ style on them haters

Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
On the couch to the bed, getting’ head loud pack got my eyes red
Hair frizzy, sex face
Sweat it out girl, keep getting busy
Water break, splash down
Pussy wet, clappin’ how that ass sound
My turn, eat that kitty
Chinese food, I eat that kitty
Flip it over, back shots, I’m a G so I know where all the G spots
She got me puttin’ in work, I’m gone on Patron and that purp baby it’s just


Havin’ fun, we almost done
Hit the showers and get fresh when the night come
Throw that Louie on em, stuntin’ on em
Astin Martin, tires, nothing on em
30 racks on the clock
Come and get it you can barely see the glock
I’m focused, club is poppin’
Give me some bottles and somewhere that I can smoke this
And she killin em too, kinda quiet but still hood, I’m feelin’ my boo
Don Don certified G
Getting money, having fun, baby it’s just…You and me

Track Name: Hood In You
Know you from the streets
Know you got the heat
Thought I’d let ya know
You got what I need
You know I like the hood in you
You know I like the hood in you

Verse 1 (Sheek Louch)
I love the way you come in here lookin’
Your face is all pretty but you kinda thugged out
So I could tell that you from Brooklyn
I hate to sound corny but is this seat tooken
Them other brothers scared but the God ain’t shooken
I’m Donny
One third of the greatest, straight from New York
You can try, but it’s so hard to hate us
I drink a little, no I’m a liar
Them sparklers be coming to my table like the club on fire
That loud in my dutchie get this whole club higher
I could have any woman that I desire
Do your thing girl
You got a man I don’t care
Gimme a call when that nigga ain’t there


Verse 2 (Sheek Louch)
I was so high, I almost mistook her
Try to act like she’s something but she’s a hood booger
It don’t matter
You know I’m from the hood so that pussy all good either way (haha)
That’s my nigga

Don Don, shades on
Angry birds on my phone
Flight delays smelling like weed cologne
Chill papi, searching me for what?
Your security sloppy, I made it through with an ounce of that broccoli
Nice body, I tell her flaunt it
Throw some Gucci on it, make them thirsty niggas want it
I can’t get enough of this chick
And she can’t get enough of that dick

Verse 3 (Sheek Louch)
See the moral of the story, without the hard work it’s no glory
We be on CNN like Nore
And I know you hate to date the rapper
At least I don’t put my hands on you
But you could go back to the slapper
I try to get you roles because I respect you as an actor
But you always bring up the X Factor
I’m a G, see I don’t need a better woman
I need a better woman to better me